What Is Ketamine?


What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a drug that is commonly given to patients who are to undergo surgery. It is used to make them relax before a general anesthesia is administered. This drug was first manufactured with the intention of being used by veterinary officers to make animals unconscious for easy operation.

Later it found itself being used in human beings. In the modern world, it has been abused as some people are using it together with other illicit drugs like marijuana and cocaine. The powder form of Ketamine can be used together with marijuana and bang and then snorted to give people that floating sensation.

Ketamine can also be used as anesthetic for surgery that doesn’t require relaxation of skeletal muscles. It is a drug that is suitable for both short and long surgeries. When used for long surgeries, other medicines should be used together with it. The use of Ketamine has proved to have bad effects on the body. When used in children of over 10 years of age, it can lead to pleasant dreams that results in hallucinations and delirium. This is a condition that normally occurs after surgery.

There are high chances that Ketamine can be abused. If not used well, this drug can have very bad effects on the body. This is why it is advisable to use it with caution to avoid its side effects. These effects can be fatal especially when used by children and teenagers. Some of the common symptoms of abuse of Ketamine in children include anxiety, hallucinations and disorientation. It can also lead to insomnia.

There are other side effects that are associated with the use of Ketamine especially in teenagers. It may lead to rise in blood pressure and rate of heart beat. In some users, it may lead to vomiting and nausea. If taken in high doses, it may lead to severe depression especially in the respiratory system. This is what results to blockage of respiratory tract.

The only time when Ketamine is considered safe is when it is used for surgical purposes. This is a time when it is used under direct supervision of a physician. The effects of this drug are felt within five minutes after introducing it to the body.

Ketamine has several other names that it is referred by. They include Cat Valium, K, Special K and Vitamin K.  This drug is promoted in the street as a club drug. It is good to learn the intended use of this drug before you start using it. It is a drug that was meant to be used as a relaxer in animals. The powder form of this drug that is commonly abused is the one that is stolen from clinics.

The abused form is either mixed with drinks then consumed or it can be smoked together with marijuana and tobacco. Some people have opted to inject this drug into their bodies. The effects that results from the intake of this drug depend on the age and the amount of it you take.

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