Ketamine Abuse Withdrawal


Ketamine Abuse Withdrawal

Ketamine is a drug that was originally meant to be used to treat pain in animals but many people in the modern world are using it to treat pain in people. The overdose of this drug can however have adverse effects on human beings. The common form of Ketamine that is recommended is the liquid form that is used by many veterinary officers.

The form that is abused is the solid from that is made by heating the liquid form in an oven. The resultant product is the one that is snorted together with other drugs like marijuana and bang. There are a number of effects that result from the intake of this drug by human beings.

When Ketamine is used by human beings, it is used as an anesthetic drug. It is used to keep the patient in the unconscious state during surgery. It is used to block pain temporarily as one undergoes operation.  There are a number of anesthetic medicines that can be used to keep patients unconscious during operation. Ketamine is one of such drugs that can be used both in animals and humans.

It can also be used as an analgesic drug to provide relief from pain. Some people have put this drug into the function of recreation. This is however illegal hence has been banned by many governments. Apart from these function, Ketamine has other several medicinal uses. It is good to note that the incorrect use of this drug can lead to adverse side effects.

Ketamine can be available prescribed in liquid and powder form. These forms of Ketamine can be used as pain relievers if taken as directed by the physician.  It is mostly taken intravenously for an instant relief from pain especially by cancer patients. It can also be used to curb depression is patients as it has the ability to calm down nerves. If effectively applied, this drug can help to treat asthma, bronchitis and complications of the respiratory tract.

There are a number of signs that accompany the use and withdrawal of using Ketamine. This is one drug that is so addictive. Even though there are a number of benefits one can get from using this drug, it has a number of side effects also. It has been proved to have a negative effect on the brain and physical well being of an individual. If abused, it can harm the way the body works generally. It can cause hallucinations to human beings. This is a condition where an individual suffers from mood swings. It may cause irritability in a person.

Withdrawal from using Ketamine can lead to effects on body parts. This drug may have toxins that may affect the heart, liver and kidneys. Once these toxins get into the body, they may affect the body parts and the way they function.

The long term use of Ketamine can lead to impairment of the brain. It is known to destroy the cells of the brain hence the motor coordination of the individual is distorted. This is what leads to memory lapse.

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