Ketamine Abuse Symtpoms


Ketamine Abuse Symptoms

The use of Ketamine produces effects that are similar to the ones produced by the intake of phencyclidine (PCP). This is a fast acting drug with its effects lasting up to one hour after usage. This drug can be injected or taken orally. The use if this drug can result to hallucinations which is a condition where people have weird experiences.

Ketamine produces feeling where one feels like he is dissociated from the physical body. Your mind and the brain will feel like they are not together. You will feel like floating on your own world. This is a condition called depersonalization. It is a state where you are not realizing yourself.

The users of Ketamine will experience dimensions that are not explainable. They will be completely unaware of their external worlds. They will lose their sense of identity. They will experience visual hallucinations where they will see things floating far away from them. Others will experience an imaginary falling or gradual movements.

With the excess use of this drug, you will experience conversations with non-existing beings. You will feel like you are talking to ghosts. You will feel connected to other objects and non-existing beings. This is an effect that is common on first time users who have not developed tolerance.

The users of Ketamine tend to feel like their perceptions are deep inside their mind and that the real world seems to be far from them. This is a condition known as k-hole. However, when they regain consciousness, Ketamine users will not remember being in this state.

This is because of mind disturbances that affect the way the brain works. Some users have been in a state where they can’t even remember their names. They even forget they are human beings. Their movements may also be impaired. The user may even not be aware that they have their body.

The short term effects of Ketamine include increased heart rate, slurred speech, confusion and out of body experience. Some of the users may experience nausea and sedation. The intake of large quantities of Ketamine can result to cardiovascular effects that may lead to respiratory complications. This is a bad effect that can result to death under extreme cases.

The use of Ketamine in the wrong way may result to increased body energy, euphoria and a feeling of calmness and serenity. In some cases the user may experience abnormal forces in that they feel connected to the outside world. They have that enhanced connection to beings and objects. There are cases when the users may feel like they have distorted memory. This is a time they are not themselves. They feel being on their world floating.

This is what makes them have abnormal imaginations. They also have dissociation of the mind. Another common sign is visual blurriness. Some of the users may have numbness and loss of motor coordination and change in time sense. This is why it is advisable for people to steer off this drug to avoid experiencing such problems.

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