Ketamine Abuse Signs


Ketamine Abuse Signs

Ketamine which is also known as Special K is a veterinary drug that is used during surgery of animals to reduce pain. This drug was first used by humans as anesthetic during the Vietnam War. It is legal form is liquid that is injected into the body of animals to reduce the pain caused during surgery.

The color of the liquid form of Ketamine is light colour. When used illegally, this drug is dried in the oven and then the residue form is the one that is snorted. Some people can also abuse it by injecting into the body muscles. Smoking is another way of introducing Ketamine into the body. It is mixed with other drugs like heroin and marijuana then smoked.

When used as an anesthetic drug, it is injected. It works faster than other drugs that are meant to kill pains in the body. This is what has seen its use rise. Once in the body, its effects are instant. However, it is good to note that its effects are dictated by some factors like age, quantity and the medical conditions of the body.

The rise in pulse and blood pressure is one sign of abusing Ketamine. The use of this drug for a long time has been known to cause some complications in the body. Having high blood pressure can be dangerous as it may result to death. Another effect of using this drug is high body temperature. This is a complication that is felt immediately after the intake of this drug.

Some users of this drug have complained of blurred vision. This is owed to the fact that this drug has the ability to make the pupil extremely enlarged. Hallucinations and vivid dreams are other signs people who take this drug experience. This is because they suffer from abnormal body functions. However intake of Ketamine can lead to reduced body pain. This is one positive effect of his drug. Actually, it is the main reason why many people use it. It has the ability to kill the pain instantly.

Another sign of abusing Ketamine is seizures. This is condition is accompanied by vomiting and confusion. Intake of large quantities of Ketamine can lead to disorientation of the body. It can make one have dizzy feelings. Another sign that is depicted by users is violence. Once one has taken this drug, they are likely to be violent as they feel they have extra energy.

Flashbacks and visual disturbances are common among the users of Ketamine. These effects may not be felt instantly but occur sometime after using it. They may be weeks after. The prolonged use of Ketamine has proved to result in brain damage as the brain is not supplied with efficient oxygen. This is why it is not encouraged for human beings to use this drug. Apart from respiratory complications, the users of Ketamine may show signs of speech disorientation. If you don’t stop using this drug you may go to a coma which may result to death.

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