Ketamine Abuse Side Effects


Ketamine Abuse Side Effects

Ketamine is a drug that is taken via injection. Once taken, this drug takes 1-5 minutes to effect. The snorted form of Ketamine can take up to 15 minutes before its effects are felt. The effect of oral Ketamine can be felt 30 minutes after intake depending on the amount of food in the body system and the time since the food was taken in. the major effects of Ketamine can be felt 45 minutes after consumption. These effects are likely to last in the body for over 24 hours.

Hallucinations are one of the effects that results from the intake of Ketamine. This is as a result of the blocking of the sensory input of the brain. The brain is blocked resulting to blurred visions and dreams. When you take this drug, there are high chances of getting visual distortions. Many people may lose sense of time and identity. This drug has the ability to make good lose sense of direction in regard to real life. Once you ingest it, you will feel like you are out of yourself. The coordination between the mind and the body will not be there.

Another side effect of abusing Ketamine is euphoria. Once this drug is in the body, you will feel afraid of so many things. Confusion is another thing that you will feel. Just like the intake of any illicit drug, intake of Ketamine will result to losing your senses. You will not be able to do things the way you used to. You will lose sense of taste.

The smells and tastes will become muted. You will not be in a position to identify different tastes. The sense of touch and visual perception are burst. This is what results to blurred vision. Things will seem floating away from you. Under some situations, it may result to numbness.

The use of Ketamine has proved to result to profound physical and mental problems like amnesia, impaired motor function and respiratory complications. Other signs that may occur include paranoia and panic. Other people who take this drug may feel paralysed and be in a state they are not able to speak and if they do they will slur. The fact that it makes one unconscious may lead to physical injury without knowing. Users of this drug can get into hallucinations and dreams without knowing. When you take foods and drinks before you take this drug you will vomit.

The long term users of this drug have reported flashbacks and experiences of hallucinations.  It is also clear that the long term use of Ketamine can lead to loss of memory and eyesight of the users. It is also likely to reduce the life span of users. Regular use of this drug has proved to result to disruption of consciousness leading to mental disorders. Increase heart rate is also one sign of abusing Ketamine. This is very fatal especially if you have other complications like blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

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