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Ketamine Abuse


Ketamine Abuse

Ketamine is a drug that is used as an anesthetic for animals when they undergo surgery. In some cases this drug has found itself being used in human beings. Some people have abused it especially those who are under drugs. Just like any other drug that is abused, Ketamine can have very adverse effects if it is not taken as prescribed. If used in the wrong way, it can lead to bad effects which are regrettable.

This is why people need to understand its effects before they start using it. In normal circumstances, Ketamine is a drug that is supposed to be used by veterinary officers as an anesthetic drug for animals. It is used to cause hallucination effects.

When used illegally, this drug is fast converted to powder from its original liquid form. It is then mixed with other illicit drugs like marijuana and bang and then smoked. Some addicted users have mixed it with heroin and cocaine. The common street names for this drug are Special K or Vitamin K. These are the two names drug addicts use when referring to this drug.

Once it has been introduced into the body, Ketamine can have a wide range of negative effects. It can lead to hallucinations and other negative effects that may lead to addiction. Some long term users of this drug have experienced mental problems, bad motor coordination, amnesia, and in some extreme cases is can result to respiratory complications that can be fatal.

As a first time user, you will experience out—of-body effects a situation where you feel that your body and mind are not functioning properly. Your body will seem to be left by the mind. It is a state where you feel like you are not yourself.

Getting addicted to Ketamine use can be dangerous. This is why you need to seek immediate attention once you are addicted. This is because if you keep on using this drug, it can result to adverse effects which can result to death. There are many institutions from which you can get help over the same. It will be of great significance to make use of these institutions instead of seeing your life get ruined.

You can make use of free websites to know how to get yourself out of this bondage. This is one way that you can see yourself out of Ketamine addiction.

In order to avoid experiencing the effects of Ketamine use, you need to get serious and look for ways of quitting. Prolonged use of this drug can lead to physical and mental problems that may include amnesia, impaired motor coordination and delirium. In some instances the respiratory diseases are the result.

Some users may feel paralysed, numb and feel pain in the muscles. When addicted, one can get himself in hallucinations without knowing. When you eat before taking this drug, you will be exposed to vomiting. It has also been suggested that long term use of Ketamine can lead to memory lapse and reduced life span.